Hardie Board Pictures

Hardie Board Pictures showing how it can be used on almost all types and styles of homes. It comes in all the popular types like traditional lap, board and batten and even in cedar shake.

It is popular in every area of the country, including coastal areas where harsh winds and high moisture cause problems with traditional wooden siding.

Anywhere that you would use real wood siding, you can use Hardie Board Siding. It looks just like real wood at half the cost. It is stronger, will last longer, and requires less maintenance than wooden sidings. 

It comes in all the popular siding types and styles, tons of factory applied colors, and can be painted any color you choose. 

Termites hate it and it is resistant to rot, warping, cracking, and weather damage such as hail, rain and snow. 

Made to look like cedar planks, it is consistent in patterns and textures. Provides the perfect look of rugged natural cedar without the high cost and maintenance of real cedar.

Straight Edge Shingles
Staggered Edge Shingles
Lap Siding

Hardie Plank siding comes in all the popular types and styles. You can mix and match the different types and styles to create any style you like.  

Hardie Board Pictures Of Real Homes

Note the different styles of homes using this siding. It looks just like real wood siding. You can paint it any color. 

Hardie Board
Hardie Board

Used on older homes it brings back the original look of the home, but with a much stronger material than the original wooden boards. 

Great use of two different siding types, traditional lap siding on the bottom of the house and straight edge cedar shake used on the gables. 

Hardie Board pictures of everyday homes all across the U.S.

Remember that you can use James Hardie Siding anywhere you would use real wooden siding.  

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