Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding offers the hallmark of our Split Shakes, which offers the look of wood that's been hand-split by an axe, reveling random groves and grain. The depth creates captivation contrast between light and shadow to heighten visual appeal.

If you seek sophisticated siding with wood's natural look and warmth, The Foundry was designed for you.  Offering beauty and brawn unmatched by other brands, Foundry is truly best-in-class. Its sublime surfaces, shapes and colors can enrich and upgrade any home.

Nine unique profiles allow you to create compelling looks ranging from rustic charm to upscale elegance and sophistication. 

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding has the real look of Cedar Shakes with no real maintenance.

Cedar has long been treasured for its immersive, stunning curb appeal. However real cedar requires meticulous and continual upkeep.

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding comes in two popular styles.

  • 7" Split Shake, and 
  • 10" Staggered Shake:

The 7" Split Shake.:

Split Shake

7" Split Shake is one of the most popular styles. Features versatile, warm, authentic textures.

Our most popular cedar profile, the 7" Split Shake features the versatile, authentic texture of real cedar. Ideal for new home construction or upgrading older homes.

Season after season and year after year, Foundry Shakes hold their rich color, protected by a durable ASA cap.  Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and toughness that stands up to the elements, they never require any sanding, scraping, staining, or painting. 

Available in 7" profile only.

10" Staggered Shake Siding

Staggered Shake

Rough-hewn texture, staggered butt ends, random keyways and varied widths provide rustic attractiveness.

Rough-hewn texture, staggered butt ends, random keyways and varied widths provide rustic attractiveness.

Foundry delivers a comprehensive, genuine selection of cedar profiles that offer outstanding curb appeal and maintenance-free living.  Unlike wood, it will never rot, warp, buckle, or crack.

From shingles with a subtle grain detail to staggered shakes with a bold rustic dimension, our textures help you create your desired look-beautifully, simply, and maintenance-free.

For more information on this 7" Split Shake and the 10" Staggered Shake along with other colors and textures,  click here. Foundry Brochure Vinyl Cedar Shake.

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