Wood Siding

The most popular and time-tested form of siding for a home is exterior wood siding.

Wood siding is manufactured in a variety of types such as shake, clapboard, singles, or lap siding. Panels are applied vertically (up and down) or horizontally (runs from end to end), and finishes range from stains to paint to sealants. Although wood is beautiful, it requires maintenance and can rot and burn.

Wood is still one of the more expensive of the siding you can get for your home.

For those homeowners who prefer the beauty and warmth offered by wood siding redwood, cypress and cedar are the favored options.

Wood Siding is the most popular siding of all time.

When you consider all the attributes of home siding, aesthetics, value, durability, versatility, and just plan good looking, wood siding gives your home a rich, warm charm unlike any other home siding material.

Cedar Siding is King

Real Cedar siding adds a new dimension to your home. Elevating your home to a new level of warm, natural beauty. 

Watch video to learn more about real cedar home siding.

What is Western Cedar?

What are the different 'grades' of cedar?

Wood Siding Shapes

Dutch Lap Wooden Siding note the grove at the top of each panel.
Toung and grove siding. Each panel fits into the bottom panel of the one below it.
Note that each panel fits onto the other panel.
Beautiful Wood Siding