Hardie Board Siding

Hardie Board Siding

Looks and feels just like real wood, only it's better!

Hardie Board Smooth Finish
Hardie Board Textured Finish

Shown here is Hardie Board with smooth finish and a clapboard style in rough cut cedar textured finish.

Hardie Board Siding is one of the most popular home siding materials sold. It is a man made cement product that is stronger than wood, more durable than vinyl siding, fire-resistant, termite resistant, mold and rot resistant and comes in many factory applied colors.  

Hardie Board siding comes in Cedar Shake

Hardie Board Cedar Shingle

Hardie Board Siding looks just like real wood siding but more durable with much less maintenance required.

It is sometimes called 'hardieplank or 'hardi plank.

Many people believe it to be the more superior product than real wood siding or vinyl siding. 

Mixing and matching different types of Hardiplank siding allows you to create the exact look that you want. 

Hardie Board Siding

Note here homeowner has used Hardie Board clapboard style on the bottom of house and Hardie cedar shingles on the top. 

The trim boards around the windows are also hardiplank. Very nice look and very durable.

HardiPlank Lap siding is the most popular brand of cement board siding in America and can be found in over 5.5 million homes.  The siding enhances and protects homes in all kinds of climates. It comes in a variety of textures from smooth to rough cedar cut.

It usually comes with a 50 year limited warranty, and is both fire and termite resistant. Comes in many factory applied colors with up to 15 year color warranty.  

Strong enough to withstand harsh winters and strong coastal winds. 

It is made from concrete and sand and costs about 40% more than typical vinyl siding costs. Usually priced around the $10 per square foot range.  

To see pictures of different styles of homes using Hardie Board Siding click here: Pictures of Homes Using Hardiplank 

What is Hardie Board anyway?

Hardie Board is one of the strongest home siding products available. And it is affordable when compared to real wood siding. Click here to see more details of Hardie Board Siding

How Is Hardie Board Made?

Hardie Board vs Vinyl and Wood Siding


Hardie Board Siding Cost

The siding is made from concrete and sand and costs about 40% more than typical vinyl siding costs.

Usually priced around the $10 per square foot range. However this price could be affected by how many corners you have on your house, how many stories your have and whether you have any damage on exterior of house that needs to be repaired before Hardie board goes on.

The siding is heavy and requires more labor to install than regular vinyl siding. A 100 sq ft of Hardie board weights over 300 lbs compared to 40-60 lb's for vinyl.  

To see more information on what Hardie Board Siding Cost to install on your house click here. Hardie Board Siding Cost.

Like one of these products?

If you like any of these products gather some information on the type of siding you like and write it down so you can  go over it with your contractor.

If you think you might like this type of siding make notes  in your workbook and go over them with your contractor. 

Once you have picked out several types, styles, colors, thickness and textures, sit down and ask your contractor for his input.  He does this type of work all the time and may offer you some money saving tips.

If are interested in getting more information on Hardie Board Siding in Northern Florida, please click here.  Hardie Board Installers Jacksonville Florida.

Vinyl Siding Profiles

Hardie Board or cement fiber board siding comes in all the popular siding styles and profiles.  Click here to review vinyl siding profiles.

Colors of Hardie Board Siding

Comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. To see a James Hardie Color Chart click here: http://www.jameshardie.com/pdf/colorplus-color-combinations.pdf  

It can also come per-primed ready for you to paint your own color. This gives you unlimited color choices.  

Hardie Board can be painted almost any color you choose, unlimited color choices.

Comes in Half-Rounds. Half rounds are sometimes used as trim and accent areas.  

Hardie Board Siding vs Vinyl Siding

As you can see here, cement board siding is considerably thicker than vinyl siding. It is much stronger and can withstand hail, termites, cold winters and strong coastal winds.  

Vinyl siding also has advantages. It is lighter and easier to install, is considerably less expensive than cement board. Never has to be painted. Will not rot. Looks just like real wood. Can be done by the homeowner with handyman experience. 

Shown here is the cedar shake straight edge siding on a coastal setting. Strong, durable, can take strong winds and UV sunlight. Resists rot and mold which are common to wood siding.

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Cement board siding has become a main stay siding for areas where harsh weather, high winds, strong sun and maintenance is a concern. To see more about other cement board sidings click here.

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