Trim, Add On's and Accessories 

It's the vinyl siding trim that gives your home that fresh new look.

  • Clean sharp lines 
  • Never needs painting
  • No more rotting wood to fix or repair yearly
  • Looks great when people drive by
  • No more climbing on ladders to work on the trim again

Trim gives your house that crisp new look. Clean sharp lines that never need painting. No more rotting wood to replace or paint each year. Just years and years of maintenance free summers.

Below is CertainTeed Trim Packages

Vinyl siding trim or accessories, sometimes called Add-On's is the last step of the project. 

Contractors go around and cover all your window and door frames. Use special corner pieces that look great forever and never needs painting again.

Cover that old facia and soffit with new trim that will look like it was just painted, and it will stay that way for decades.  

Some people tend to not spend the money of premium trim packages, we feel it is money well spent.  

What do people see when they drive by your house? 

If your home is old enough to need a face lift by adding new vinyl siding, it will most likely need some work on the old trim too.  Ugly trim with flaking paint on newly installed vinyl siding will stand out like a sore thumb.

What does your trim look like?

Vinyl siding trim gives your house that crisp new look. Old, discolored trim will make your house stand out as not completed.  Drive by any house and one of the first things you will notice is the front door and window trim.  

shown here is CertainTeed Trim. 

Never have to paint over-hang and trim again. Here CertainTeed Tim has been applied to the corners, facia and sofit.  What a great look from the street. 

Don't forget the gutters.


Don't forget about your windows

Window trim give the house that new clean crisp look.   What better time to paint or cover your old window and door frames.  Walk around your house and make notes in your project workbook what your window and door frames look like.  

Sometimes just a good fresh coat of paint will be enough. If you do want to cover the frames, be sure to go over this with your contractor.  Some contractors sub this out to other contractors who specialize in this type of work.

Either way it will cost you more money to address.  Most people think it is well worth it. 

If you are thinking of new replacement windows for your house, while you are doing the siding is the best time to do the windows too.  

Don't forget your porch ceiling.

Instead of painting every few years just take your garden hose and spray it when it gets dirty.  Never paint porch ceiling again.

Vinyl Siding Trim Gives Your House That Complete Look

Vinyl siding trim adds the complete look to your house. The trim is what people notice when they drive by. That new, clean look. And the good news is that it will stay that way for years to come.

It is actually less expensive to cover all your wood trim areas than to have them painted. Especially considering that you need to paint on average every five years. Year after year after year.

The new trim packages will give your house that fresh painted look for decades.  

Click here to view CertainTeed Finishing Touches brochure.  

It is the small details that really make a difference when doing vinyl siding on your home.  

Go over the Add-on;s or trim accessories with each contractor you talk to. Ask each one what he thinks and how he would go about installing the trim on your house. Ask him what brand he uses and why.   

Most contractors apply the trim, facia and soffit first so they need to know what trim choices you are interested in.

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