Helpful Siding Videos

Here are some really good short home siding videos. Many different home siding manufacturers routinely put videos of their newest products.

Watching the videos from many different home siding manufacturing companies is a terrific way to see a lot of valuable information in a short time. 

New Vinyl Siding adds curb appeal.

It's easier to shop online and gather information on the distinct types, styles, qualities, textures, thicknesses, and colors, not to mention prices, before you actually go shopping.

Let's get started with...

Types and Styles of Home Siding

Types of Siding Videos

There are many diverse Types of Siding. Here are some good videos from different manufacturers of home siding. 

Board and Batten Vinyl Siding

Board and Batten vinyl siding is one of the more popular home sidings. Homeowners have for hundreds of years used it. 

Today's board and batten vinyl siding comes in a wide range of colors, types, and styles.

To see more information on Board and Batten Siding click here. 

Board and Batten Siding

Ship Lap Siding

Ship Lap Siding is sometimes called, Clapboard or Horizontal Siding. This style of siding runs across the house from end to end, or 'horizontally'. 

It is called 'ship lap' siding because it looks like the sides of the old-world wooden sailing ships.

To see more information on Ship Lap Siding...Click Here.

Clapboard Siding

Clapboard Siding is one of the most used home siding styles in America. It outsells all other home siding styles. And it is one of the oldest siding styles around.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding will save you money on home energy costs.

Insulated Vinyl Siding is designed to cut your energy costs for years to come on your home,

Facts on how insulation saves you money on yearly energy costs. Even though it costs a little more up front, the saving continues for many years. 

Contractors say that insulated siding is better product because when you attach the foam backing it makes the vinyl stronger and lasts longer.

To see more information on 'insulated Vinyl Siding' click here.

Figuring vinyl siding cost quickly: 

Vinyl siding cost run between $3 per sq foot to over $10 per square foot depending upon quality of the siding from economy grade to premium grades.

Figuring cost quickly can be done by measuring your house to determine the total square feet of the exterior walls. Vinyl siding is sold by square feet. So, you need to know how many square feet of vinyl siding you will need to buy.

Once you know how much vinyl siding you will need to buy, it is just simple math, # of sq feet needed times the price of the siding you have picked out:

Example: Pick two qualities, economy, and a premium just to get ideas.

1,500 sq ft x $4 per sq ft = $6,000, economy brand.

1,500 sq ft x $8 per sq ft = $12,000, premium brand.

Somewhere between these two prices would be you base or ballpark budget.

Now you have a rough number to start with.  Keep in mind this is the price of the siding only. It is not the total cost of making your house ready for the siding. That is extra. 

In order to save time and make shopping easier, most people do a little research and pick out some different types, styles, and colors of siding before ever going shopping or talking to any contractors.  We agree. It saves a lot of time.

Click here to review Vinyl siding prices.

A wonderful link to gather information on all types and styles of vinyl siding, how to tell quality vinyl siding, how insulated vinyl siding can save you money on energy costs for decades to come, go to:

Vinyl Siding Institute 

Comparing Sidings

Let's compare concrete board sidings and viny sidings. 

Comparing popular non-vinyl home sidings, Hardie Board and LP concrete board.

If you are thinking about installing new siding on your home...

Here is some valuable information that you will most certainly need.  Review the different topics and write down the information that is relevant to you.

  • How do you find the perfect Style or type?
  • Finding the right color.
  • How do you find the right contractor?
  • What repairs to your house need to be done?
  • And how much will all that cost?
  • How to find the absolute best price. 
  • How to talk to contractors?  
  • Questions to ask all contractors.
  • How much siding will you need?
  • How do you know if you are getting the best price?  

Let's look at the basics first: What type of siding is best for your house?

Creating the perfect look for your home is all about picking the right profile size, texture, and style of the siding. Here are some of the most popular siding styles.   

Repairing Vinyl Siding

Repairing Vinyl Siding is a popular Do It Yourself topic, here are some videos on this subject.

Cleaning vinyl siding is easier than you might have imagined. It only takes a little elbow grease and a pretty weekend day. 

If you have vinyl siding and want to keep it looking new year-round, you must clean it periodically, and you can do that by just getting out the garden hose and washing it down. 

Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Cleaning vinyl siding is much easier than painting it. Just grab the garden hose and wash it down occasionally. Here is some useful information on cleaning most any type of vinyl siding.

sure beats painting!
Pressure washing
Good old elbow grease

To see more information on How to Clean Your Vinyl Siding   Click Here   Cleaning Vinyl Siding

So, What Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

That is really a three-part question.

The first part is what will you pay for the vinyl siding. That is the cost of the siding or price of the siding you like. That will be determined by the quality or thickness of the siding you choose, and whether it is an insulated or non-insulated type.

 Click here to review types and styles of vinyl siding.

Part two is how much siding do you need?  Just measure your house's exterior walls and come up with a total square footage of your house, siding is sold by the square foot. 

       Click here to review how to measure your house to come up with square footage.

Part three is what needs to be done to make your house ready to install the siding. This will require you to talk to contractors and ask questions.

 Click here to review what to ask contractors.

To determine real vinyl siding cost, you need to:

Pick out the type and style of vinyl siding you like for your house.

Each type and style of siding has different installation methodology and costs associated with the installation process.  So, this is always the first step.

Part 2

Determine how much siding you are going to need.

Part three requires you to talk to some contractors.  

Contractors are most concerned with the extra work that will be needed to get your house ready to install the new vinyl siding.  This will include fixing all rotted, insect damage, water damage and over-hangs. Removing old siding and hauling it away.

This work could greatly affect the total costs of installing vinyl siding on your project. 

Contractors need to look at your house and give you prices of what they would charge you to do this.  We suggest that you go outside and walk around your house and make note of any items you see, and feel should be looked at by the contractors. Put this information in your workbook to go over with each contractor. 

For more information on what replacing siding costs, Click Here  

Why Choose Insulated Vinyl Siding?

Insulated vinyl siding will save you money by lowering your energy costs. Extra insulation gives your house additional R-value (resistance to heat flow) therefore keeping more of your heat inside in the winter and keeping your cooler AC air inside during the summer.

Insulated Siding
Thermal Picture

Thermal picture on right shows how much heat just flows right out through your walls. 

To review more information on how you can save money by using premium vinyl siding with factory applied foam insulation click here: Insulated Vinyl Siding   

More wood looking home sidings

How much does vinyl siding cost?  

How to Pages

Mr.Contractor Says

Like one of these products?

If you like any of these products gather some information on the type of siding you like and write it down so you can go over the information with your contractor.

Make a notebook to store information on each product you like.

If you think you might like one of these siding styles, make notes in your workbook and go over them with your contractor. 

Once you have picked out several types, styles, colors, thickness, and textures, sit down and ask your contractor for his input.  He does this type of work all the time and may offer you some money-saving tips.