Fiber Cement Board Siding

Fiber cement board, sometimes called 'cement board' siding, is stronger than wood or vinyl, will outlast either, and is termite and moisture resistant.  Looks just like wood but stronger, and less expensive than real wood with much less maintenance.

It resists rot, termite damage, hail damage, and can stand up to hurricane force winds.

Fiber Cement by Allura

Sometimes called 'cement fiber siding' or 'cement board siding' it is a product made from a unique blend of cement, sand and cellulose fibers that have been pressure treated to increase durability.  

Looks just like real wood but costs less, stronger than real wood with less maintenance required.

Allura Board and Batten Cement Board Siding

Shown here is Allura Board and Batten Cement Board Siding.  Great style protects against harsh weather, storms, and is much stronger than regular vinyl sidings.

Perfect siding to protect the house against harsh weather, moisture, heat, sun UV, and termites.  

A great alternative to real wood siding.

Beautifully eloquent, incredibly minimal maintenance compared to real wood, strong and durable. 

Allura Board and Batten used with Cedar Shake great style, great look.
Fiber Cement Siding

What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

What is Fiber Cement Siding and How is Cement Board Made?


Cost for fiber cement siding is approximately $9 to $15 sq ft.  It needs to be installed by a professional installer. It is more difficult to install than regular vinyl siding therefore needs a more professional installer.

Average prices of fiber cement will run somewhere between $9 -$12 per sq foot.

Example:  1,250 sq ft ranch home. (prices are for example only)

vinyl siding:                     $6 sq ft     x  1,250 = $7,500.

Fiber Cement Siding:     $11 sq ft   x  1,250 = $13,750.

Real Wood siding:          $6.5 sq ft  x  1,250 = $8,125.

It has many advantages over real wood siding. It is strong and durable, is weather resistant, including hail, wind, rain, snow. It resists rot and insects such as termites.

It is an exceptionally good siding for coastal areas where high winds and moisture is a concern.  For the same reasons it is a great siding for wooded areas where termites and boring insects are a problem. It also resists fire.  

Better brands offer 25+ year warranties.    

Cement board will cost more than vinyl siding but less than real wood. It usually requires professional installation.  Fiber cement board is harder to install than vinyl siding and costs substantially more.

In one nationwide survey, they found that installing 1,250 square feet of fiber cement board on a house would cost approximately $13,000 to $14,000 or about $10 - $11 per square foot installed.

Fiber cement board is harder to install than vinyl siding and costs substantially more.

Fiber Cement Board Comes in Many Types and Styles

Board and Batten

Cement board siding comes in Clapboard or horizontal styles, board and batten or vertical styles and Cedar Shakes.  

It is often used in conjunction with other styles, or in combinations of different types and styles.   

It makes an outstanding accessory for use on gables or garages.  

Click here to review different siding styles.  

Allura Fiber Cement Board

Here the homeowner used board and batten fiber cement siding on the garage and straight edge vinyl cedar shakes on the house gable.  Distinct colors, assorted styles all combined to create the perfect look.

Fiber cement siding or concrete board is superior product when used to refurbish historic and upscale homes to bring new life to them. It actually increases property value because of the minimal maintenance required and the extremely long life of the products.  Some better brands have 50+ year warranties.

Concrete board comes in a textured finish that looks like real wood.  

Cement Board Siding Manufacturers

Here are some of the major cement board manufacturers that make fiber cement siding in many different types, style, colors, ane textures. Look at their product lines here and take notes. Pick and choose from many different products. 

If you live in areas where you need strong, wind resistant, harsh weather areas, strong protection from the natural elements, cement board siding is for you.

Here are some of the top Cement Board Siding Manufacturers.


Most manufacturers offer dozens of pre-stained and pre-painted colors.  The product takes paint very well and you can use any custom color you can think of.

Once you install the siding the product will be around for 50+ years. With extraordinarily little annual maintenance it will continue to look great for decades to come.

Lots of people like the durability of the product because they can change colors at any time, they wish over the coming years. Each new painting can give the house a completely new appearance.  

Hardie Board Siding

Hardie Board Siding is one of the most popular cement board siding products sold. It comes in many diverse types, styles, textures, colors, profiles and is sturdier than vinyl siding.

Hardie Board is one of the most popular products sold. It is used all over the U.S. in every climate. Strong, looks just like wood but stronger and more weather resistant than wood.

To see more about Hardie Board Siding click here.

Hardie Board

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood Siding is another type of man-made siding that is stronger than real wood and moisture resistant.

To learn about Engineered Wood Siding click here

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Fiber Cement Board vs. Vinyl Siding

Fiber Cement Board is stronger and less expensive than real wood. It has less maintenance than real wood siding but much more than vinyl siding.
So which is better?

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