Vinyl Siding Manufacturers

  • Review and Compare products from top vinyl siding manufacturers,
  • Pick out Colors and Styles,
  • Compare thickness and warranties,
  • Make plenty of notes!

Review and compare top vinyl siding manufacturers products. Pick out colors, styles, textures, thickness, and warranties of different sidings. Make plenty of notes so you can compare.

Buying vinyl siding, like buying any other product, is a process of comparing several products to determine which product best fits your particular needs

We have listed some top siding manufacturers that have popular vinyl products with outstanding reputations. They all have products in a wide range of prices from economy to premium grades. 

Top Vinyl Siding Manufacturers

Most of the top siding manufacturers today make all the popular types and styles of vinyl siding. Each style comes in assorted colors, textures, and thicknesses.

When comparing different products, keep notes on warranties, colors, thickness, and other details. This makes it easier to compare the many different products.

Major Vinyl Siding Manufacturers. Each company has many different types, styles, colors, textures, thickness, profiles, and qualities, so check out each one. Be sure to write down in your 'project workbook' the specific types and styles you think would look good on your house. 

Basic Types and Styles of Vinyl Siding

Below are some of the basic vinyl siding styles that are available from most manufacturing companies. Each style has different thickness, textures, profiles and comes in insulated or non-insulated versions. 

Board and Batten Siding

Board and Batten Siding is an all-time classic. Sometimes called 'barn Siding' because it has been used for hundreds of years for barns. Still extremely popular. 

CertainTeed 10" Board and Batten

To see more information on Board and Batten Vinyl Siding click here.

Vinyl Siding Manufacturers make the basic styles and types of siding, but each one of the manufacturers adds a little product finesse by having their own colors, textures, thickness, and methods of installation. You should pick out at least two or three of the siding types that you like and go look at each one. Most can be seen at your local Home and Garden Stores or just ask your contractor to get you some samples. 

Clapboard Siding

Clapboard siding is probably the most popular home siding ever. It is sometimes called 'Ship Lap' siding because it looks like the sides of the old wooden sailing ships of yesteryear. 

It is also called Lap Siding, or Horizontal Siding. It looks like long planks of wood that runs across the house horizontally. 

clapboard Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Back to Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding click here.

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding is one of the more popular siding styles today. It originates from Colonial times and has been used in Europe for centuries. It has a distinctive notch that runs along the top edge.

This notch was once hand carved onto each wooded board to give it a distinctive shadow line. Today vinyl Dutch lap siding recreates that hand carved early look but without the high cost of real wood.

CertainTeed Dutch Lap

More information on Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding  Click Here.

Beaded Vinyl Siding

CertainTeed Beaded Siding

Reviews of Vinyl Siding 

To see more reviews of vinyl siding and how durable it is as a house siding, Click Here Vinyl Siding Institute 

Each of the vinyl siding manufacturers listed above will have diverse products and colors and qualities. Look at several different product lines to see how each company has a particular niche in the market.

Other Types of Home Sidings

Other types of home siding other than vinyl siding. There are many other types of home siding on the market today. Homeowners have a wide choice of products. Some of the more popular products are the fiber cement, cement board, and Hardie Board siding products

Fiber Cement Board

Fiber cement board or as it is sometimes called 'cement fiber siding' is made from cement, sand, and cellulose fibers that have been heated under pressure in the factory to make it very strong, durable, moisture and rot resistant.

It is hard enough that carbide-tipped saw blades are used to cut it.  

Look just like real cedar wood. But much stronger. Can withstand hurricane force winds. 

To see more information on Allura Siding Products  Click Here

Hardie Board Siding

Hardie Board Siding
Hardie Board Siding Smooth Lap

To see more information on Hardie Board Siding  Click Here

Cement Board Siding

Cement Board Siding is made with cement and fibers and is stronger than regular vinyl siding. It can be painted any color and can withstand high winds better than most vinyl sidings.

To see more information on Cement Board Siding  Click Here

The Vinyl Siding Institute has a lot of particularly good information on home siding. It has information on how vinyl siding can increase your curb appeal of the home thus increasing it's value.  To see more information on vinyl siding, 

Click Here  Vinyl Siding Institute 

Cement board siding is another type of home siding that offers a stronger, longer lasting, more weather resistant home siding option.  Looks like real wood only stronger. 

Cement Board Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Board Siding is a siding material made reinforced cement with cellulose fibers. Originally they made the siding with asbestos but due to safety concerns they now use cellulose. It is an exceptionally durable product much stronger than vinyl siding and is used in areas where harsh weather is a concern. Some fiber cement siding can withstand 100+ mph winds.

Cement Board Siding Manufacturers

Here are some major Cement Board Siding Manufacturers. 

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