Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding is made to look like wood siding that was hand carved by old world craftsmen.  It adds charm and elegance to any home.

Anywhere that you need to create that classic old-world look, it will add a distinctive look that makes any home stand out. 

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding
Dutch Lap Siding
Dutch Lap Siding Insulated
Dutch Lap Siding

Note the curve that runs along the top edge of the siding panel. This is what makes the heavy shadow line characteristic of this style of siding.

Early colonists hand carved the grove onto each wooden board. This took extra time to hand carve and was more expensive than regular sooth lap.  

Today vinyl siding is made to capture that same hand carved wooden board look, at about half the price of real wood. And it never needs painting!

In early colonial days carpenters carved the curved notch in each wooden board. This took more time and labor to make and therefore cost much more than traditional lap siding with smooth sides.

It became the 'premium' siding used by people who could afford the more expensive style of siding on their homes.

CertainTeed Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

CertainTeed Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding in Oxford Blue.

CertainTeed Dutch Lap

Give any home that extra charm.  Note homeowner has used vinyl Cedar Shake siding on the top gables for accent. 

Using diverse types, colors and styles of vinyl siding to create that special look is what makes today's vinyl siding the number one selling siding in the U.S.

Which is more popular, Dutch Lap or Clapboard Siding?

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Storm Resistant Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

Dutch Lap

In areas where extreme or harsh weather is a problem, most premium grades of Dutch lap vinyl siding can really make a difference. Some brands are thick enough to withstand winds up to 200 mph.

CertainTeed's Monogram Dutch Lap Siding in Buckskin Color. 

  • Comes in over 30 siding and trim colors.
  • .046 Heavy Duty thickness,
  • Tested to withstand wind load pressures up to 220 mph.
  • Never needs painting.
  • Class 1 a fire rating.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.


Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding 
by CertainteedCertainteed Dutch Lap Siding
Certainteed Dutch Lap Siding

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Clapboard vs Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

Clapboard vs Dutch Lap Vinyl Style of siding has been the competition for centuries. Early Colonist used clapboard siding because it was easier to make, and the early colonist wanted to have a ready supply of the regular lap siding or clapboard to build their homes with.  As time went on some people wanted to branch out and use other variations of the siding.

Smooth Clapboard
Dutch Lap

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