Vinyl Siding Cost is much more than just the price of the vinyl siding to be installed on your house.

Remember that vinyl siding cost is only one part of a construction process that includes several different components.  

  • The cost of the vinyl siding,
  • The labor to prepare your house to install the new siding,
  • Repair work on rotted wood, insect infestation, window and door moldings and casings, facia and soffit repair or replacement.
  • How many stories your house has (two- and three-story homes are more expensive to work on),
  • How many corners your home has, (corners are time consuming to work on).

Each house is different, and each house will need different things done to it to make it ready to have the new siding installed.

If you are thinking about a new vinyl siding for your house, then your house is probably old enough to need some repair work on the outside before actually installing the new siding. This repair and replacement work is part of the overall vinyl siding costs you will incur and is more labor that will be needed to do by the contractor.

If you are building a new home, the builder can design the house ready made for vinyl siding.  There is a world of difference between a 30-year-old house and a brand-new house in the cost of installing vinyl siding. 

Cost for Vinyl Siding Must Include These Things

Vinyl siding cost must include these things into the total price for installation. The price of the siding will cost you somewhere between $3 and $12 per sq (100 sq ft is one sq in siding talk).

But the contractor must do some work on your house before he can actually install the siding. It is this extra work the contractor must do that will impact on the total price of the job.  Here are a few of the items that the contractor will look at when they come out to your house.  

What condition is your house in?

What condition your house is in is a big concern. It will greatly impact on the cost of your project. Do you have water damage or rotting wood along the soffits or trim? If you do all that must be removed, replaced, or repaired before any siding can be installed.

Prep-Work Needed.

To get the real vinyl siding cost of a project, you need to understand what contractors look at to figure into their pricing.

It's called the 'house prep' or extra work required to fix up the house.

This extra work will affect your total vinyl siding cost you pay, and should be carefully considered, put into your overall budget, and gone over with the contractor.

How much work is involved?

The price a contractor quotes you is the price to install the vinyl siding once the house is 'ready' for the new siding to be installed!

Water damage to facia and soffit.
Water damaged facia

These problems must be addressed before new siding can be installed. You can't just cover rotten wood around your soffit and facia, or the window and door moldings.

The contractor must address the exterior problems before he can install new siding. These are not included in the 'cost of the vinyl siding', these costs are the 'prep work' needed before the installation begins.

How Big Is Your House?

Small house doesn't need a lot of siding.
Large two-story house needs much more siding to cover it.

First, How Big Is Your House? 

  • How Big Is Your House?  This will determine how much siding you will need to buy. 
  • How many stories does your house have?  Two- and three-story houses require different installation techniques. You can figure at least 10% add on per floor.
  • How many corners do you have? Corners require more labor to do inside and outside corners, so additional labor is added on. Every corner will add additional labor costs. 
  • How many windows and doors do you have? Every door and window will have molding around it that must be either repaired, replaced, or covered. 
  • What does your facia and soffit look like? Damaged or rotted wood must be replaced, repaired, or covered. 
  • Gutters? Do you need to replace or repair gutters? 

All these items must be addressed when the contractor comes out to look at your house. Each one will require additional labor cost to take care of. 

The more you know about the product, and what extra work will be needed on your house, the better you can communicate with your contractor, thus saving both time and your money.

If your house is in really good condition, then it will take less prep-work to make it ready to install the new siding. Vinyl siding cost is a component of how much work the contractor needs to do to get your house ready for the siding.

What is on the exterior of your house now?

What is on the exterior of your house now? If you have an old siding, it must be removed before the new siding can be installed.  If you have brick, or concrete block the contractor will have to put some kind of framing over it to nail the siding to. If you house is frame, the contractor will want to check the walls to make sure they are straight and don't have any water damage.

Watch a contractor tear off and install vinyl siding on an old house, great video, short.

Great video on what needs to be done before the new siding gets installed.

Go to YouTube.    Click Here Installing Vinyl Siding

Are Window Frames in Good Condition?

Window frames in good condition, or do they need repair, replaced, or covered? If you are going to install new siding you need to at least think about making the windows look new to. Can they be painted or covered with coil stock so you never have to paint again. 

Window frames?
Window frames?

There is a separate cost for each of the above items. The actual cost of installing the siding on your house will be the total of all these items added together. 

Shown here is Norandex Vinyl Siding being installed.   

Make a project workbook

Create Your Own Cost Project Workbook

Before you do anything, create your own project workbook. Something you can take notes on and write down your ideas.

So, it is particularly important to ask the right questions when shopping for prices from contractors. You always need to ask a contractor 'what does your price include and what does it not include'. 

But before you ask anyone anything, you need to do a little research and gather some basic information about what type and style of vinyl siding you are interested in putting on your house.

You need to gather the facts so you can talk intelligently about your project when you do get around to calling some contractors for prices.

Take several sheets of paper and staple them together, now you have a project workbook. 

Before you call anyone or go shopping, make yourself a workbook and make notes about your house and what you are wanting to do to it.

If you want to buy vinyl siding for your house, the first question is always how much siding will you need to buy?  So, go outside and measure your house. Figure the square footage of your house's exterior walls. Siding is sold by the square foot, so you need to know your house's exterior square footage.

On page one of your workbook, write down the number of sq ft needed. Turn the notebook page over and start imagining what kind of siding you want on your house. Make notes. Cut out pictures of houses you see in magazines that you like and tape them to a page. Do the same with assorted colors, styles, and textures you like. Everything. Put it all in your workbook.

This workbook is your 'go to' source for information you will need later.

Don't buy anything yet, it is not time for that!! 

Find Local Siding Contractors Near You 

Get siding installation prices near you. Have a contractor come to your house to review your project and give you price options. 

Additional information on how to:

Figuring vinyl siding cost quickly can be done by measuring your house to determine the total square feet of the exterior walls. Vinyl siding is sold by square feet. So, you need to know how many square feet of vinyl siding you will need to buy.

Once you know how much vinyl siding you will need to buy, it is simple math, # of sq feet needed times the price of the siding you have picked out:

Figuring Vinyl Siding Cost

Small 1,000 sq ft house

Example:    1,000 sq ft single story ranch house.  Here are some tips on getting a general price to install vinyl siding.

You have a single-story ranch house with approximately 1,000 sq ft of exterior walls. Multiply the total sq ft by the price of the siding.

1,000 sq ft home:    Good Deal               Industry Average       High End

Economy Brand      $3,000 - $4,000         $4,500- $5,000          $6 - $7,000

Builder Brand         $4,500 - $5,500         $5,500 -$6,500          $7,500 +

Premium Brand      $8,000 - $10,000       $8,000- $10,000        $9,000 - $12,000

So, your vinyl siding cost will be between $3,000 and $12,000. But thats not the 'real' price!

Like all products vinyl siding comes in many different qualities. Some good and some much better. Better grades of siding will cost you more. Generally, the thicker the siding is the better it is and the more it will cost.

What does vinyl siding cost?

When you call a contractor and ask him 'what do you charge to install vinyl siding'? He will say something like 'we charge about $3 to $7 per square foot of siding installed'.

Sounds good but it doesn't tell you much. At least it doesn't tell you what you really need to know.

So, what does that mean?

Before a contractor can figure his cost to install vinyl siding, he needs to know several things about your house.

  • how much siding will you need (sq ft needed)
  • what quality of siding you want (economy, builder grade or premium)?
  • any repair work that needs to be done. (Rotted wood, facia, soffit)

Bigger houses will need more siding and will take more labor to install.

Bigger houses will need more siding and will take more labor to install.

Two story homes require much more labor hours to do than single story homes.

Multi-story homes usually require the contractor to set up scaffolding to stand on so his men can work on the second story and that will cost you a lot more time and money to install. So the vinyl siding cost of larger two- or three-story houses will be considerably more.

Corners take more time too, so corners are expensive.

Every house will have a different number of corners, windows, and trim. The more corners you have the more it affects your price because corners take more time to do than straight walls.

When window and door frames need to be covered, that takes more labor. If you have any repair work like rot or insect damage that needs to be done, that will be extra also. Contractors must charge you for this extra labor.

So, before you call any contractors for pricing, first off you need to know roughly how much siding you are going to need. Siding is sold by the square feet so you will need to know how many square feet of external walls your house has. 

If you have a large ranch house with many corners, both inside corners and outside corners, the vinyl siding cost you pay will be much more than a regular rectangle house with only four walls.

The next thing you need to know is what quality of siding do you need for your house.

Should I buy a 'good' vinyl siding or the 'better' vinyl siding?

Average cost of vinyl siding is about $3 per sq ft to up over $10 per square foot for the higher quality of siding.

Vinyl siding, like all other products, comes in different qualities. There is a economy brand, and there are premium brands. Which one should you buy?

The quality of vinyl siding you pick out will greatly affect your overall vinyl siding costs. Vinyl siding comes is many different grades, from economy grade to premium grade. Better sidings will cost more.

  • Builder Grade 
  • Standard Grade
  • Premium Grade

Insulated Vinyl Siding VS Non-Insulated

Whether the siding is insulated or non-insulated will affect the vinyl siding cost. Insulated vinyl siding costs more than regular siding. But it protects your house better than standard siding.

non-insulated vinyl
insulated vinyl siding

To see how insulated vinyl siding will save you money on your energy costs for years to come, see more about other manufacturers insulated vinyl sidings....

Click here   Insulated Vinyl Siding

The Vinyl Siding Institute has lots of useful information on how insulated vinyl siding can save you lots of money be cutting your energy costs both in the summer and winter months 

  For more Info on Insulated Vinyl Siding  Click Here

Although insulated vinyl siding costs more up front, it can help you save on energy costs for many years to come. Most people believe it is worth the extra up-front cost if it fits into your budget.

New Jersey area vinyl siding contractor explaining whether to remove the old siding from your house or just install new siding over old siding. 

Actual cost of the vinyl siding must include these items:

  • the price of the siding, which is determined by the quality and amount needed,
  • the cost of the add-on's, such as trim, additional insulation,
  •  repairs needed before installing new siding,
  • and the labor cost required to install it. 

Each of the above items have a separate cost associated with it.

Where to Start

Choose Your Favorite Type of Siding

Choose your favorite type of siding before you do anything else. Each type and style may have different application methods and can have an impact on the final cost of the project. So one of the first things to do is just look around and find a siding you think will look good on your house.

Choose a type of siding that you like.

Pick the style of vinyl siding you are interested in and then compare prices with several different manufactures. 

Here are the main types of vinyl siding that you should be looking at first.

Board and Batten SidingBoard and Batten Siding or Vertical Vinyl Siding
Cedar Shake SidingCedar Shake Siding
vinyl cedar shake siding

Small 'shingles' or 'shakes' that look like Cedar are attached.

Make a List write everything down

Siding Add On's and Accessories 

What in the world is an 'add-on' or an accessory?

Accessories and add-ons are generally referred to as the vinyl siding trim, which may include window and door trim, corners, over-hangs or soffit and facia, and insulated or non-insulated vinyl siding. 

Facia, soffit, and gutters
facia soffit and gutters

Vinyl siding contractors can apply color coordinating vinyl or aluminum wrapping around old window and door frames.  Also, around facia and soffit. And don't forget about the gutters!  Need new ones?  

Trim and accessories are very important

Note how all the window moldings are covered, and soffit, facia.  Look at the overhangs, and the porch ceiling.  It is the minute details that really make the difference on the vinyl siding installation job.

  (shown here is CertainTeed Vinyl Trim)

The way the over-hang on your house is looks is especially important.  People notice old ugly overhang.  

They can see it from the street.

New or repaired soffit and facia is critical to the overall look of your new siding job.  

Like buying a car, the extras make an enormous difference in the price you will end up paying.

Check out the trim packages very carefully. Talk to your contractor about the trim he uses and why he uses it.  A great trim job will make your home stand out. Remember, it is all in the details.  

Once you add up all these items you will have a fairly good idea of what the real vinyl siding cost will be to install it on your house.

To see more information on Trim Packages and what Trim is   Click Here Trim

 Types of Siding

Other Types of Home Siding That Looks Like Wood:

Hardie Board
Engineered Wood Siding

Fiber Cement Board
Cement Board Siding

Comparing Different Prices

Compare apples to apples

Comparing different prices is like comparing apples to apples. The devil is in the details.

It is especially important to have each contractor bidding on the exact same products and installation procedures. That is the only way you can actually compare the different prices apples 2 apples.

Otherwise you will get many different prices with thousands of dollars of spread and no way to tell what the best price is using the best products.

Write everything down on your notes

You must have a list with all your information written down and go over every detail with each contractor.    

Go over each and every detail with each contractor you talk to.

When you get their prices, you will be sure that each item is covered and there is no confusion as to what you are getting for your money and what is expected of the contractor.

This will save you a ton of time and will even save you money!

Cost Is Made Up of Many Different Parts.

Cost is made up of many different parts of a complex puzzle, siding, work needed to be done before installing the siding, repairing rotted wood, replacing soffit fascia, and trim. 

Vinyl siding cost is determined by all the things that are needed to make your house ready to install the new siding after all repairs are done.

Vinyl siding prices are only the price of the vinyl siding product not the process of installing it on your house.