Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding is an exceptional choice to express your love for rustic outdoor  look and natural beauty of cedar shakes. All the rugged charm of cedar without the high cost and high maintenance of real wood.

Made to look just like real wooden cedar shakes. And it comes in several styles;

  • straight edge,
  • and staggered edge.

Click on the picture to see larger version of each.

Cedar Shakes Straight Edge
Cedar Shake Staggered Edge

CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Double 9" Staggered Rough Split Shakes on the top gable of the house.

Cedar rough split shakes are equally at home on Victorian, Contemporary or Traditional home styles.Click here to see pictures of different styles of homes.

Note how the homeowner has used the vinyl cedar shake siding in combination with natural stone for a truly distinctive look. 

Cedar Shake in Straight Edge

Note the relatively straight edges on the bottom edge of each panel. This is why they call it Straight Edge.

The Double 7" means that there are two 7" wide panels showing. This is called the exposure, or as most people call it,  the 'profile' of the siding.

All sidings come in different profiles.  A 'profile' is usually how wide the siding panel is.

To learn more about what a 'Profile' is click here.  Vinyl Siding Profiles, click here.

Cedar Shake in Staggered Edge

Staggered Edge Cedar Shake

CertainTeed Impressions Staggered Edge Siding.

Note the rough staggered lines along the bottom edges of the panels. This is why they call it Staggered Edge.

Cozy, comfortable and ruggedly charming;. Cedar rough split shakes is a so realistic you can almost smell the freshly sawn cedar.

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Cedar shake siding will cost you about 20% - 25% more than standard vinyl sidings. Cedar Shake prices generally run between $2.65 to $3.25 per sq ft or pretty close to that, depending on time of year and geographical area you live in.

Vinyl cedar shake siding costs more than regular vinyl siding.  It is usually thicker than regular vinyl siding and much stronger than other sidings.

It has a much more  real wood texture or look to it. It generally comes with a 50 year warranty.

Some brands are up to 1" thick and can take hurricane force winds making it idea for coastal areas or any area where harsh weather is a concern.

Remember that the the price of the siding is only one part of the price, the contractor will charge you extra to install it. For more information on prices click here.

The vinyl cedar shake siding shown here is by CertainTeed.  If you want to see more information on their cedar sidings click here.

Click here to see CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Styles and Color selections.

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Classic elegance with that rugged outdoor look, vinyl cedar shake siding adds an air of distinction to any home. Used in combination with other vinyl siding types it can add the extra elegance to any home.

This siding is strong, durable, looks just like real cedar wood siding at about half the cost. It is very low maintenance and never needs painting.

Better brands are up to 1 inch thick and have lifetime warranties. It can withstand the harsh winters of the north and the strong sun high wind of coastal areas.

Cedar Vinyl Siding Styles

Common edge styles of cedar vinyl siding.  Straight Edge and Staggered Edge.

Shown here is CertainTeed Impressions Straight Edge Rough Split Shakes, Double 7" in Buckskin color.

Note the relatively straight edges on each panel. This is why they call it Straight Edge.

  • .125" thick
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • 189 mph wind rated, very durable, long lasting and beautiful.

Note the rough edges at bottom edge. This is called Staggered Edge.

Cozy, comfortable and ruggedly charming. Cedar rough split shakes is a style so realistic you can almost smell the freshly sawn cedar.

A style perfectly suited for homes where a custom crafted look is the design objective.

To see more about Vinyl Siding Styles click here.

CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Double 9" Staggered Rough Split Shakes.

Note the unequal staggered look. (On the front gable of the house)

Vinyl Cedar rough split shakes are equally at home on Victorian, contemporary or traditional home styles. Can be used in combination with natural stone and other materials, or as whole house application.

NOTE: Vinyl siding is great for mixing different styles and patterns to create the perfect look. Used here with CertainTee Monogram Double 5" clapboard and board & batten vertical siding.

Half Round Shingles work beautifully with all siding styles and adds a distinctive touch to any home

CertainTeed Cedar Impressions 6 1/4" Half Round Shingles used as trim. Adds the extra little difference that creates that very special look. Also it never needs painting!

Used here as accent with Cedar Impressions Double 7" Perfection Shingles in Natural Clay color on the gable with Monogram Double 4" Clapboard in Frontier Blend color used on the bottom part of the house.

Note how all the window frames and corners are covered making this house virtually maintenance free. No more climbing on ladders to paint second floor trim again.

To see more on Trim and Accessories click here.

CertainTeed Cedar Impressions 6 1/4" Half Round Shingles

The beauty of using vinyl cedar shake siding is that you can mix and match styles to create your own particular look and feel. All at an affordable price!

Here CertainTeed Wolverine Restoration Smooth Double 4 1/2" Dutchlap Vinyl Siding in Herringbone Color used as the siding on the main house bottom.

On the top gable Cedar Impressions Half-Round siding. Vinyl cedar shake siding can be used in older homes to bring out that freshly restored look without the high cost of real wood.  Vinyl shake siding has excellent insulation qualities that will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Here are some common vinyl cedar shakes. They come in all colors and textures.

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Trim and accessories   

Cover all corners, facia, soffit, overhangs, window/door frames to reduce maintenance and painting.