Engineered Wood Pictures

Engineered wood pictures showing the different combinations of colors, styles, and textures to literally create almost any personalized look for your home.

Shown here are some homes using LP Building Products. A great alternative to real wood siding for homes. It stands up to harsh weather better than real wood and is termite resistant and rot and mold resistant.

The look of real wood with a great savings and requires much less maintenance and painting than real wood.

Engineered Wood Used with Natural Stone

LP SmartSide Lap Horizontal Siding used with natural stone for outstanding curb appeal. 

LP SmartSide Precision Series Siding  

Clapboard and stone, people have been using clapboard style siding with stone for hundreds of years and it is still going strong. 

Beautiful rugged natural look with a touch of distinction.

Vertical Siding or Board and Batten Style

More engineered wood pictures of homes using real wood alternatives that are actually stronger and hold up against harsh weather better than wood. And for less cost.

Board and Batten Engineered Wood

Shown here is LP SmartSide board and batten style siding used with clapboard and stone.  Combining several different siding types to create homeowners dreams.

Board and Batten/Cedar Shake made from Engineered Wood

Here the homeowner has used cedar shake engineered wood on bottom of the house and board and batten siding on the top.

This siding can be mixed and matched with different types, styles and colors to create the look you want. Most homeowners use several styles and textures to get the look they want.

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More engineered wood pictures

The pictures below are all using LP Products.

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