Norandex Insulated Vinyl Siding

Norandex Insulated Vinyl Siding is an energy efficient way to save you money on energy costs while providing your home with a warm blanket of thermo protection that will save you money for years to come.

Norandex Insulated Vinyl Siding
Norandex Polar Plus
Norandex Polar Plus
Norandex Polar Plus

Norandex Insulated vinyl siding Polar Wall Plus is a beautiful, energy-efficient option perfect for any home!  The thick insulating foam helps reduce energy loss through walls and studs, repel insects, reduce sound transmission and is permeable.

Norandex Polar Plus

When your home needs an Extra Layer of Protection

Not only does Polar Wall Plus look great on any home but the panels are foam-backed, providing exceptional strength, rigidity and resistance to hail, street noise, and adverse weather. 

The extra layer of insulation and extra heavy-duty nailing hem also help manage your energy costs. 

In addition, the panels feature a revolutionary acrylic cap stock that provides rich color and is warranted against fade for a lifetime. 

  • Energy-efficient:  foam-insulated to help homeowners reduce heating and cooling bills,
  • Minimal maintenance never needs scraping, sanding, or painting,
  • Weather-ready: built to withstand rain, sun, and high winds,
  • Impact-resistant: protects against hail damage, dents, and scratches,
  • Lifetime Fade Protection plus a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Norandex Insulated vinyl siding Helps Control Energy Loss

Most homes are insulated between the wall studs, but the studs themselves are non-insulated. Energy can escape from inside the home through the un-insulated studs, which account for 25% of the wall's surface.

Conduction through the wood framing can account for 49% of a wall's heat loss.  The Polar Wall Plus insulated siding inhibits the conduction of energy through exterior wall studs, adds insulation and hinders air infiltration.  It helps insulate the entire wall for energy efficiency and savings.

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the energy passes through the wooden walls

Norandex Insulated Vinyl Siding Features

Yellow shows energy loss through walls
Green color shows how insulated siding stops energy loss

Norandex Polar Wall Plus Siding.

  • 1 1/4" insulated foam backing
  • Wind tested to 146 mph
  • Natural Cedar Wood-grain texture
  • .046 panel thickness
  • comes in 20 distinct color choices

Stronger than regular vinyl siding

Norandex Insulated vinyl siding has the foam insulation attached to the back side of the siding and that makes it much stronger than regular siding.

The extra strength makes the siding more impact resistant. 

Up to 4 times the impact resistance of un-reinforced vinyl siding panes.

Buying Insulated Vinyl Siding Saves Money

Insulation features a foam insulated backing to help you reduce heating and cooling bills.

Buying factory applied foam insulated siding costs a little more than regular vinyl siding.  But over the long run it can save you on your energy costs for many decades.

Most people find that the savings on energy costs, both in the summer air conditioning season and the winter heating seasons, more than make up the difference in cost over non-insulated siding.

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Norandex Polar Wall
Polar Wall

Insulated siding is a wonderful way to lower your energy costs, dampen the outside noise levels and provide a dent resistant protection for your home.

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