Gentek Beaded Siding

Gentek Beaded Siding. Classic charm is the hallmark of Berkshire Beaded premium vinyl siding. The graceful beaded ridge, subtle brushed texture and distinctive shadow lines of this generously portioned 6-1/2" profile will give your home a warm and inviting ambiance. 

Gentek Beaded

Gentek Berkshire Beaded Vinyl Siding

Product Features:

The Ideal Exterior: Berkshire Beaded confidently conveys classic good looks in a high-performance panel that's buildt to last. Durable and dent resistant vinyl siding is solid color through and through, so it won't chip, flake or blister like painted surfaces. And unlike wood,it won't rot and warp due to moisture.

High Performance Design: Berkshire Beaded is performance-engineered for superior structural integrity and strength. In independent laboratory tests it withstood wind-loads of 151 mph.

Carefree Maintenance: When you choose Gentek beaded siding for your home, you are eliminating most of your exterior maintenance. This siding never never need to be painted again. No need for dangerous ladders or time-consuming upkeep. Just an occasional rinse with the garden hose will remove most air-borne dust and dirt and keep your house looking brand new for decades. 

To see more about how to clean your vinyl siding visit our Cleaning Vinyl Siding page, click here.

A Smart Choice: Gentek Beaded Siding not only will create an enjoyable, worry-free exterior, but will heighten your home's curb appeal as well. And in today's market, a beautiful, low-maintenance finish can greatly enhance the value of your home.

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There are several other Clapboard siding profiles. Beaded and Dutch Lap are two of the more popular Clapboard styles. Both have a distinctive notch that produces a shadow line on the siding. Dutch lap siding has the notch on the top edge and Beaded siding has the notch on the bottom edge. 

Other Gentek Beaded Siding Styles

Centennial Beaded

Centennial Beaded Vinyl Siding by Gentek

Calling to mind historic beauty and appeal, Centennial Beaded premium vinyl sliding blends old-world craftsmanship with modern practicality. The extra-deep beaded ridge and inviting brushed texture of this 6-1/2" profile will give your home the idea touch of character and charm.

Product Features:

Superb Construction: Today's vinyl siding makes it possible to have a truly exquisite home exterior that's virtually unaffected by out-door elements. Centennial Beaded is solid vinyl color through and through, so it won't chip, flake or blister.

Performance Engineered for superior structural integrity and strength. Wind rated to 151 mph.

Easy color match system makes it easy to find the perfect color combinations for your home.

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