Shop and Compare Different Vinyl Sidings Before Calling A Contractor

by Bobby
(Dunedin FL)

Before buying on any vinyl siding, keep in mind that the labor to install the siding is the same whether you pick a low quality 5 year siding or a premium siding with a life time warranty.

Since labor costs are the same, always choose the highest quality products that fit into your budget.

If the labor is the same, why are all the prices different?

The difference in price will be in the quality of the siding. Contractor grade siding will be much less that premium grade siding. How thick a vinyl siding is usually determines the quality, thicker is better and more expensive.

Prices will vary from $3 per square foot to over $10 sq ft. If you have a 2,000 sq ft house you must first choose your budget level.

$3 x 2,000 sq ft = $6,000. $8 x 2,000 sq ft = $16,000. Big difference.

Once you find the budget range you are comfortable with, then the objective is to buy the very best siding your can afford. And you have many different choices.

The homeowner must research different products and pick the siding that best fits both the budget and the style that fits your house.

How do you do that? Go to Home Depot and look at all the vinyl siding on display. Take all the brochures they have home with you and study them. Make notes. What is the thickness of each, the warranty, the colors they come in, textures and of course prices.

Use a notebook and make notes on the styles you like. Cut out pictures and paste then in the notebook. Then take your notebook and go to several more big box home improvement stores and look at what each store has. Different stores will sell different brands.

Compare different products and prices. Write this information down in your notebook.

Then call a contractor and tell him you what products you are interested in. Now the contractor can shop and buy the siding that you have picked out. Or he can suggest other options but at least you know enough to talk intelligently about the products and prices. That keeps everything simple.

If you don't tell the contractor exactly what you want, the contractor will pick the products he chooses.

As a siding contractor I love it when people know what they want and have it all written down. It make my job much easier. Contractors do not have the time to spend hours with each customer waiting for them to pick out a product.

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