Alside Insulated Vinyl Siding

65 Years

Alside represents over six decades of inspired innovation…it all began in 1947, when our founder, Jerome J. Kaufman, developed and marketed America’s first residential baked enamel aluminum siding. Today, we continue to be innovators in the residential building products industry through our continuing efforts to constantly upgrade and enhance our product offering.


Lifetime Warranty

Imagine that you could keep every corner of your home at the perfect temperature the year round  And yet, save money!!

Prodigy's premium 1-1/2" thick insulation* delivers exceptional R-value performance (resistance to heat flow) that can help you save money on utility costs and feel good in your home year-round. This finely milled cedargrain panel provide timeless curb appeal while its 16' 8" extended length design yields clean lines and modern style for an understated elegance.


Features and Benefits

· 1½" thick insulation* wraps your home in a thermal blanket of protection to help lower utility costs while providing a warm and cozy environment

· The secure interlocking panel design provides a tight fit and clean, crisp course lines

· Prodigy's vinyl surface repels heavy rain while its insulating layer breathes freely to keep your home comfortable

· 16'8" extended panel length provides the look of natural wood and does not require face nailing or unsightly caulking

· Lifetime Transferable Warranty**

What Is Alside Insulated Vinyl Siding?

Insulated Vinyl Siding Note: Foam on the backside of siding panel

Insulated vinyl siding in siding that has a factory applied foam insulation attached to the back side of the panel. 

Pictures taken with thermal camera showing heat loss on home without insulated siding and picture taken after insulated vinyl siding applied

Thermal heat loss with regular vinyl siding.
Insulation prevents heat loss through the walls

Heat passes through the walls of your house.  By adding foam insulation to the siding it reduces the amount of heat loss saving you tons of money year after year on energy costs. 

1-1/2" thick insulation attached to the back side of the siding wraps your home in a thermal blanket of protection to help lower utility costs while providing a warm and cozy environment. 

Saves You Money

Why Use Insulated Siding?  

To learn more about how insulated vinyl siding and insulated siding in general works and how it can save you money all year around by cutting down your energy costs, click here:   Insulated Siding Story

Vinyl Siding Styles

Dutch Lap Insulated Vinyl Siding by Alside
Single 7" Clapboard
Traditional Lap or Clapboard Siding

Clapboard Vinyl Siding

Alside Clapboard vinyl siding, or horizontal siding, comes in 3 of the most popular styles:

  • Dutch Lap
  • Beaded
  • Traditional Lap
Charter Oak Insulated Siding

Alside's flagship siding product, Charter Oak, combines authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability, performance and maintenance freedom.

  • .046" premium panel thickness
  • Exclusive Tri-Beam design gives Charter Oak superior strength
  • Has as much as five times the impact resistance of conventional siding
  • Charter Oak siding has been independently tested to withstand Category 5 hurricane-force winds. 
  • Comes in double 4 1/2" clapboard and double 4 1/2" Dutch lap 

Alside Vinyl Siding Colors

How To Figure The Cost Of Vinyl Siding

It is important to remember that what you pay for the vinyl siding is only one of the costs associated with the total cost of installing new vinyl siding.  The contractor has to prepare the house for the new siding. Sometimes this is just as expensive as the actual siding! 

And then there are the extras or 'add-on's such as TRIM PACKAGES.

To get more details on what contractors have to figure into a job quote, please click here.  Vinyl Siding Costs

Alside Vinyl Siding

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